Secure Networks

There are many ways to secure a network but the starting point is only allowing network access to authorized people. This means an organization needs to have a point of contact and a password. It’s important to be up to date with you network security, it’s important to know what is malware and how it can affect your organization.

If you have one, you have something that only authorized users can access. If you need to secure your communications, you need a secured messaging app or service. Also, you need to have a secure connection since hackers can easily hack your device if you don’t have a secure connection. If you’re looking for a provider that’s safe and secure, then visit sites like

A secure service like Couchbase (view it now) allows users to exchange data with a few other people. This is what email used to be and I’m sure what many platforms, such as Whatsapp and Line are currently. This has been targeted as a way for terrorists and criminals to communicate but has never been properly attacked for the fact that there’s a big group of people in the same position.

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So the answer is for organizations to consider any of the four above options. It’s a good idea to give staff a password but use a strong one. To use the services mentioned here make sure your domain is protected by having an added layer of layer, which is network security or Firewall. Your network has multiple layers and you need to be able to control them, not just the access on each one.

Other than this, an organization should also consider how much they spend on IT. For example, if you’re spending over $20,000 a year on IT, which is very common, the best thing you can do is spend just a little bit more to protect your endpoints.

Every organisation is different and I’m not trying to say that you should stop using your own network. In fact, it’s all about the person behind the mouse. I know it sounds strange but every person is unique. Your network and users are unique and shouldn’t be treated as single entities.

The reason we’re using VPNs and secure services like Google and Gmail is because they prevent spying by both those parties. But we’ve had users on Google who are spying on us and we have other users using VPNs to invade our privacy because we didn’t restrict access for those who wanted it.

For the majority of organizations I think it’s important that we can manage access to our network in such a way that they cannot read anything and with the right security they can’t even run malicious code on our network.


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