3 of the Coolest Products that Help You Bio-Hack Your Body in 2019

Biohacking is a word that’s been thrown around recently and if you haven’t come across it, you’re a part of the vast majority of people. ‘Biohacking’, as the name suggests are shortcuts (or hacks) to optimise the performance of your body. This generation believes in hacking everything, from their careers to their bodies. If your body’s optimal requirement of sleep is 6-7 hours, this generation doesn’t want to spend more time sleeping. To track this, they need sophisticated gadgets to ensure not a minute is spent doing something they can avoid. Here are 5 cool products and wearable technologies that help you hack your sleep and other aspects of biological life:

1. FitnessGenes

This DNA collection kit aims to optimise your nutritional intake and exercise regime. By collecting and analyzing your DNA, FitnessGenes can tailor a diet and workout plan that will optimise your longevity and daily performance. This takes the guessing and research out of your daily meal and workout planning. 

With so many conflicting views on workout styles and diets, FitnessGenes provides direction and guidance to something that usually takes up a lot of time. 

2. WellBe

Stress is a growing concern for people all around the world. The response to growing stress manifests in various forms such as inefficiency and lack of productivity. WellBe is aims to eradicate this problem by monitoring the user’s heart rate. It uses a complex algorithm to identity times of the day that stress comes and strategically schedules mindfulness and meditation activities to promote calmness and a centered approach.

This tool has been widely used by women to manage emotional responses to various triggers including hormonal responses during PMS. 

3. Oura Ring

Sleep is probably the single most important thing we do in a day. It takes up around a third of our day and affects a multitude of aspects of our lives from health, beauty, mood, weight and much more. Although experts recommend anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep for recovery, each individual has unique needs which can now be tracked and analyzed through technology. The Oura Ring is a ring that you wear while sleeping which tracks heart rate, blood flow and activity levels. This translates to data that indicates how much productive sleep you got during the night. 

When you understand your body and what its doing, you can make changes in your life to optimise your sleep (Oura provides recommendations to improve your statistics) and enjoy a more happy and healthy life.


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