The Answer to All Your Home Cleaning Woes: My Didi

The Developing Country Dilemma
Living in a country like India, I’ve always faced a dilemma of whether I should do all my housework myself (which I’m really used to, being brought up in Australia) or if I should employ house help. I know that employing underprivileged women or men does help them financially but I hate the idea of over-working people for a minimal wage.
Thanks to technology and some socially aware minds, I think the solution has presented itself in the form of My Didi, an app that allows you to hire the services of trained cleaners. The app is highly professional and the employees are treated as anybody else in a service-related industry. They are an on demand high frequency home services provider that currently provide Didis on demand for housekeeping purposes. Their focus is primarily on quality service delivery and they train their Didis and equip them with kits for regular home cleaning as well as specialised home cleaning where you can find cleaning contracts .
I booked my cleaning time the night before and My Didi was safely dropped of to my house at exactly the time I had been informed she would be arriving. All her equipment was of high quality and professionally packed in a bag. She communicated what needed to be done and got on with the task at hand.
I did not have to supervise or direct as everything was diligently done and their training was evident in their precision. I especially loved how the company take care of the health of their employees with masks and gloves to protect the women.
My Didi is currently available in Mumbai and they currently provide Didi Cleaning Service that includes regular home cleaning (including sweeping, swabbing, dusting, mopping, washroom cleaning and utensils) and Specialized Cleaning (including regular cleaning plus cleaning of walls, ceilings and cabinet interiors).
Another advantage of this app is that you can hire someone daily of once a week and if you travel, you wont be paying for services you don’t use.
All-in-all, this was a fantastic experience and I can’t believe no one thought of this fantastic technology earlier. I no longer feel guilty of allowing someone else to do my housework, while I have more time for my work, so I can add value to other peoples lives as much as My Didi did to mine.
Their website is is very user friendly and ordering for services is also quite easy and hassle free. All you have to do is tell them your address and book a time slot that suits you. They then call you before that time to confirm the address.
Rates for household cleaning (per Didi)
On-demand hourly
₹ 149 per hour
Monthly 30 hours package
₹ 99 per hour
Our rates for commercial cleaning (per Didi)
On-demand hourly
₹ 199 per hour
Monthly 30 hours package
₹ 149 per hour
Our rates for deep cleaning (per Didi)
Deep Cleaning rates
₹ 249 per hour

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