Ritu Kumar x Flyrobe: Fulfilling My Indian Princess Dreams

Lost In The Detail
I love clothes, but which woman doesn’t! I know I’ve been preaching about how fabulous Flyrobe’sclothing rental service is but it really is all that! It’s every girl’s dream to not have to repeat the same outfit ever and now we don’t have to! Flyrobe’s closet houses a plethora of garments from simple daily wear and accessories to more formal Indian wear. Lets be honest, we all know we aren’t going to wear that expensive lehenga or saree more than once or twice, so why not spend money on classic essentials and rent the rest!
Leaving money aside, think about all those clothes on your bedroom floor, your chair or rolled up inside your closet. Imagine having a clean room with space for all your things (so much easier taking a selfie or ootd picture in a clean room)! I was so excited that I got to wear this stunning Ritu Kumar outfit for a fraction of the cost to a friend’s sangeet function and din’t have to worry about ironing or dry cleaning it as Flyrobe took care of it all! Even the earrings were rented from Flyrobe!
Leave a comment if you love the look! Also check out this Game of Thrones’ look from Flyrobe here.

Dress: Ritu Kumar from Flyrobe
Earrings: Flyrobe
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