Versatile Monochrome Outfit + What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Life Lessons To My Younger Self
As I turn 27 on the last day of this month, I realised that I spent a huge chunk of my life constantly stressing about what the future holds and had I been more relaxed and carefree, I may have enjoyed and appreciated life a lot more. As I reflected further, I realised that people around us like parents, teachers and older friends always try and advise us to do things that we don’t; only to grow up and realise they were right.
If I could go back and talk to younger me, this is what I would tell her:
1) Stop stressing about getting a few marks less in exams- they do not matter in the long run. Instead, go out, party and play!
2) Go and do more extracurricular activities like sports, music, dance and painting. This is what shapes who you are and makes you a person of substance.
3) Get fit and healthy and stay that way. It’s so much harder getting fit now.
4) Don’t touch soft drinks or sugar. Your teeth will slowly deteriorate and you will have to get so many fillings and root canals.
5) You will find your soul mate so stop worrying about finding someone to be with.
6) Learn to meditate and reduce stress levels as long term stress will cause acne and other problems.
7) Good work on never colouring or using too many products on your hair. As a result your hair is gorgeous now.
8) Well done for not smoking or drinking (much); your skin and health are thanking you.
9) Keep dreaming the way you do; your dreams have enabled you to explore things you could never imagine.
10) Basically, you’re fine and everything will be perfect. Nothing is 1% as difficult as it seems.

Thank you so much for reading this very different post!
Bottom: Zara
Top: Koovs
Wallet: DKNY
Shoes: Amazon Fashion
Bracelet: Koovs
Snapchat: gourmetrunway

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