Collection Launch: PNG Jewellers Mangalsutra Maha Utsav

For Those Getting Married Soon
"The black beads signifying matrimony woven into gold that literally translates as pure, every type of mangalsutra is the classically homogeneous symbol of wedded bliss for each woman"- PNG Jewellers.
Recently, I got the opportunity to visit PNG jewellers in Mumbai to check out their new collection of Mangalsutras, and what a collection it was. I have always had a strange perception of Mangalsutras -being old-fashioned and dated but after seeing this range, I realised that they are uber fashionable and have a great meaning! I got to try on a few and loved how they looked with even what I was wearing. The pieces ranged from minimal and intricate for those who prefer to keep it simple to intricate and glamorous for the girls who love the attention.
With my sister getting married soon, I directed her to the range, knowing that she would find something she loves which is within her budget. PNG jewellers has been around since 1832 so you can be assured that their years of experience make them the best choice for all your jewel needs.
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The range is displayed so beautifully that it makes choosing just one even more difficult. The collection is so vast and it displays mangalsutra designs like you would’ve never imagined.

I had a great time browsing the range and had a tough time even choosing 5-6 pieces to even try on; I have no idea how brides will choose just one and am very glad that I don’t have to do that for myself for a while!

This Mangal Sutra features rubies and pearls, which makes it so versatile. The length also adds to the versatility, making it perfect to wear with absolutely anything.

The stunning range was never-ending and I honestly wanted to try on each one. All the women in the store were extremely excited and happy while they were trying on these significant ornaments.

This piece is predominantly gold with green emerald accents and has a more traditional element to the design. This would look wonderful with all outfits, especially traditional outfits like silk sarees.

It was an experience try on this gorgeous pieces and I felt regal when I had them on. I would urge all brides to check out PNG jeweller’s insane range of mangalsutras. The designs and elaborate intricacy and sheer quality of the baubles was extraordinary.
To add to this, the service was impeccable with a very luxury ambience and the staff was very attentive and responsive to my needs. They were very patient and made me feel super stunning even though I’m not a bride-to-be! Check out their websitefor their locations as well as more pictures of the stunning range.
Thank you so much for reading!

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