Lakme Fashion Week 2016: The Behind-the-Scenes Blogger Tour

Although I have attended fashion week during my modelling days, I had always wondered what the view would be from the other side of the backstage and this year I got invited to fulfil that curiosity. Out of the 5 day extravaganza that was Fashion Week, I attended Day 3 and 4. As excited as I was to attend, the dilemma around what I’d be wearing started. I wanted to play it safe but get creative at the same time.
Luckily, Once Upon a Trunk had offered me there entire website as a closet to choose my Day 3 outfit. I found a silver foil blazer that would be my statement piece and I knew I had to style everything else around it. I had recently bought a silky night gown from H&M, which only an insane person like me would decide to wear as a dress to Fashion Week (but I think I kind of killed it!).

I also found this gorgeous ring on Once Upon a Trunk which I had to wear and added a little edge with the choker and short-heeled sandals. I also combined all my YouTube sourced knowledge of makeup and created a very natural day look.
As soon as I reached, I was escorted to ‘The Apartment’, an exclusive suite for selected bloggers to rest, refresh and be introduced to upcoming collections and campaigns of various brands and designers. Lucky for me, one of my favourites, Steve Madden, had their newest collection set up for us to have a play with. I tried on one of their wedge-kicks which I instantly fell in love with.
After this I caught Payal Singhal’s and Gaurang’s shows and was too tired to stay back for any more.

The dilemma for my Day 4 outfit was similar, however I was sure I wanted something Spanish-inspired. I wore a crochet black midi from Zara which I got on sale and a crop from Forever 21, accessorised with a thick piece of ribbon as a choker, huge gold earrings and black mules. In an outfit less that Rs4,000, I was impressed by all the compliments I raked up.
I watched 2 shows again on this day, a matador themed (coincidently matching my outfit theme) spectacular by Shantanu & Nikhil (as expected) and a cool exhibition by Ashish N Soni (with MJ blasting in the background).

The fifth day (which I did not attend) ended with an explosion with the gorgeous and very pregnant Kareena Kapoor show-stopping for Sabyasachi.
All-in-all, it was a fabulous experience and makes me even more excited to be a part of the fashion industry in India. I am counting the days to be able to doll-up for the Summer Festive in 6 months. Also, I apologise for the bad quality pictures as I was alone for the most part and didn’t have my photographer with me, although I’m sure the iPhone 7 plus will save me next time.
Thank you so much for reading!

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