App Launch: AlterMirror- Beauty & Fashion Advice At Your Fingertips

I love getting dressed up with a face full of glamorous makeup and a handpicked outfit. However, I don’t often get this opportunity as I don’t have exclusive events to attend to on a daily basis. Recently, such an event did come up and I was excitedly getting ready for the launch of a new label in Mumbai when tragedy struck! My false eyelashes weren’t working. I had glue everywhere and the eyelashes just kept falling off. I had made a mess of my eye makeup and I was determined to not leave home without getting it right.
Luckily, I had started getting dressed quite early and I still had a few hours before I left. I remembered reading about a new, real time grooming app – AlterMirror – that has professional fashion stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and grooming professionals to give you live advice on grooming. It would be perfect if I could get someone to walk me through the process of applying false eyelashes!

I downloaded the AlterMirror Android app from the Google Play Store and found makeup artists with international experience online on the app at that moment. I booked a video call with makeup artist Ambreen from Bangalore who learnt her skills from key professionals working on the Miss Universe pageant. Having done the makeup and hair of many celebrities and sport stars, Ambreen has come a long way. Within 5 years of starting out Ambreen has carved a niche for herself in the field of makeup through her impeccable skills and her eye for detail. Ambreen specializes in Makeup for bridal, non-bridal, special effects, still ad shoots, TV commercial shoots, editorials and portfolios. Her body of work and qualifications convinced me that she could help.

I paid for the service and made the video call through the app. The video and voice clarity on the app were excellent. I explained my issue to Ambreen and straight away she knew what needed to be done. She instructed me to first trim the eyelashes based on the size of my eyes, followed by applying a thin layer of glue to the adhesive strip. She told me that eyelashes stick better if the glue is slightly dry and tacky and we waited for it to dry together while chatting about makeup. She then demonstrated how to hold my lashes with a tweezer and carefully apply them while looking down into a mirror. Hallelujah! The lashes stuck and didn’t further damage my eye shadow.
We went through the same procedure for the other eye and it was a success. Within 15 minutes I was all done and ready to take on the night with my stunning lashes. I don’t understand why such a service didn’t already exist. Here is a picture of the final result.

I can truly vouch for the fact that the grooming experts that are available on AlterMirror are the best in their field of expertise and carefully handpicked to offer the best advice. The service cost me a mere Rs. 350. I no longer have to make a last minute dash to the salon or wait for lengthy appointments. Also, thanks to this app, I don’t have to spend copious amounts of money on unnecessary grooming products and services. The experts on AlterMirror work with what is available in your makeup box or wardrobe to create magic.
The app is currently available on Android and works on any smartphone with a video-calling feature. Next time you have a styling, hair, makeup or any personal grooming dilemma remember help is just a tap away. Get AlterMirror on your phone and kiss all your personal grooming worries away.
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