Last Minute Gift Ideas For Every Personality Type

I know Christmas is around the corner, but I seem to struggle with gift giving all-year-round, with birthdays, anniversaries and festivals spotted through my calendar! Whenever I do see a great gift idea, I usually feed it into ‘notes’ on my phone and now that the list has become substantial, I thought I’d share it. Another thing with my gift list is that most (if not all) of it can be found online as I spend most of my hours staring at a screen. Also keep in mind that some of these websites may not deliver to your country but you can find similar products in your country with a simple Google search.
Finding a good gift is usually not so difficult, but matching the right gift with the right person usually is! So I’ve divided my gift ideas by personality type:
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The Nerd

Coffee Table Books- every nerd loves books (I do!) and coffee table books are something that make a great gift as you wouldn’t normally buy yourself one!

Diaries & Planners- things these days are so beautifully designed including diaries and planners. I love the new range of minimal stationery available everywhere.
The Fashionista

Kylie Cosmetics- if you havn’t heard of Kylie Jenner’s insanely successful line of cosmetics, you’ve been living under a rock. Anyone even a little into makeup will love you for any makeup from this range.

Alex & Ani Charm Bangles- this cute gift is a great idea as you are able to purchase add ons for future occasions and won’t have to thing as much.
The Foodie

Tea Sets- teas come in all varieties and flavours these days and have become a sort of trend. Tea sets come in the most beautiful designs and make tea fun!

Green & Black’s Luxe Chocolate- the majority of people in the world (barring a weird few) would really appreciate luxurious chocolate to bring in any festivities.
The Health Nut

Class Pass Exercise Classes Membership- a gift that keeps on giving. Class Pass allows you to access a huge variety of gyms, dance classes, yoga classes and many more.

Trendy Gym Back- usually people just take an old school bag or a random bag they found around the house to the gym but wouldn’t it be nice to get a gorgeous one as a gift!
The Dreamer

Trendy Candles- candles have made a huge comeback in 2016. Whether they be Ayurvedic, scented or just gorgeous, candles will always please.

Motivational Quote Canvas- motivational quotes are what keep dreamers going and I can truly say (as a dreamer) that I love such canvas’ all around my bedroom for motivation.
Hope this has inspired you in some way to get amazing gifts for your loved ones. Do subscribe for constant fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle updates.
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