Five Skinny Cocktails That Your Waistline Will Thank You For [Recipes]

You guys must have seen on Instagram that I recently went to a cocktail class as a part of my sister’s hens night and as fun as it was, I couldn’t enjoy the cocktails without thinking about how much unnecessary sugar I was dumping into my body. I have an immense sweet tooth so I have to be quite picky about where I consume my sugar (preferably cheesecakes and milk chocolate) and I’m aware that many of you are the same. Then how come there are so few options for us women?
Well I got down to work and formulated a number of predominantly sugar-free alcohol beverages that taste delicious, don’t add to you waistline and allow you to have fun! Oh and I named them too after cities they reminded me of!
1. The Colombo- this tropical delight reminds me of beaches and sunshine and is perfect for the current festive and warm atmosphere in Sydney! Although its even better to have a tropical drink in the midst of winter to get you away from that chilliness. Also check out how this recipe complies with the colour of there year: here.
30ml Midori
30ml Malibu
100ml Diet Lemonade
Splash of Lime
Loads of ice
Stir and serve.

2. The Barcelona- for some reason, I associate Barcelona with dance and fun and this tangy, zesty number just makes you want to have a fun time.
30ml Smirnoff
40ml Diet Lemon, Lime & Bitters Cordial
100ml Water
Loads of ice
Shake and serve.

3. The Mumbai- this is something I had quite often in Mumbai as many of the other ingredients are unfortunately not available in India.
30ml Bacardi
150ml Coke Zero
Splash of lime
Loads of ice
Stir and serve.

4. The Florence- this orangey drink is so fruity and flirty. It reminded me of a warm Italian custard I once had with a hint of orange zest…yum!
75ml Chandon Sparkling Wine
30ml Diet Orange Cordial
100ml Chilled Water
Shake with ice, strain and serve.

5. The Melbourne- the first time I had a red wine sangria was in Melbourne and I havn’t stopped since.
30 mL Bacardi
100 mL Lindeman’s Early Harvest Shiraz
Chopped Mango/Orange
30 mL Diet Creaming Soda
Mix and chill.

Thank you so much for reading!
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