Ten Beauty Secrets Models Swear By

As some of you know, I had a short-but-exhilarating three year stint as a model and I was lucky enough to make some fabulous friends and gain some fabulous insights from models, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers. I have realised that the way I approach my makeup, styling and even diet has changed tremendously after my modelling experience. These little tips and tricks make a world of difference when it comes to your overall presentation.
1. Baby oil is sexy- models use baby oil on any part of their exposed body. Oil doesn’t absorb as much as cream so it looks much shinier on legs, your midriff, back and arms.
2. Contact lenses are a game changer- wearing coloured lenses enhances your eyes so much so that much less eye makeup is required. It’s the quick easy way for a pick-me-up.
3. The flat belly trick- if you’re wearing a midriff-revealing outfit/swimsuit tomorrow, eat no salt or sugar for the second half of today and avoid any liquids tomorrow until the event. Your body will release water. Also when partying, stick to these drinks.
4. Fix fly aways- don’t you hate it when your hair looks messy because you have fly aways sticking out everywhere? Spray a comb with hairspray and lightly go over your hair to set them in place.
5. Plumper lips- put on loads of vaseline an hour before any event and keep applying if it dries out. This provides instant hydration and makes your lips look plumper.
6. Get rid of cellulite- use a lot of dry instant coffee and massage your legs well. The caffeine in the coffee plumps up the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
7. Prevent eyeshadow disasters- always do eyeshadow first, before foundation and concealer so you can clean away any eyeshadow spills.
8. Hydration for skin- always moisturise, oil and prime your skin before makeup so your makeup glides on smoothly to give it a better finish. Check out which oil to use here.
9. Mask unshaved legs- if you’ve forgotten (or couldn’t be bothered) to shave for a few days, you can still wear that skirt. Just lather your legs with cream and/or oil. The shine on those legs will cover the darkness of the hair.
10. Shiny hair- oil (with argan/coconut/almond or any hair oil) just the ends of your hair and leave the oil in when styling so your hair looks volumous yet shiny.
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