The Blogging Series: Part 0- Before You Begin

Gourmet Runway has been alive for exactly a year now but I’ve been dabbling in blogging on-and-off for about 5 years now. My first blog, Global Fashion Fiend suffered from inconsistency and lack of faith in the blog evolving into something full-time. Which, in hindsight, really sucks because the way it was growing, it probably would’ve have been HUGE by now. But no point looking back!
Blogging, as a profession, like modelling and fashion designing, has created a very glamorous image for itself. This, I can tell you from experience, is far from the truth. All the blog posts we read and pictures we see have been made to look glamorous because that’s what sells. The blog and our pictures are our product and we want to make them look as fabulous as we can, otherwise why would you consume it?
I’m not saying that I don’t absolutely love blogging, but it is nothing like what I had thought it to be when I started. I thought I’d start a blog and immediately start getting noticed and being invited to events and being paid for sponsorships. Not true! I thought I’d work from the beach once a week and enjoy parties and events for the rest. Not true again. I thought that I could blog full-time and make enough money to travel first class and buy all the LV luggage I wanted. Well this could be true if you’re in the top 20 bloggers in the world, but realistically, not true!
What I didn’t know when I started blogging:


I could not work when I felt like it.

I had to ensure that I had deadlines just like any other job and was consistent with my blog posts otherwise my readers would lose interest and stop reading my blogs. Imagine if I promised you Part 1 to this guide next week but failed to deliver; you would probably stick around for a few days then write me off as unprofessional.


I would not work less than my full time job.

I realised soon that the more time you invest into your blog and social media, the more you reap. Blogging is an endless portal. You can always create more, promote more and enhance. I can never say that I have nothing to do. I don’t realise but I’m pretty much always working. Even when I’m browsing and engaging on Instagram, it doesn’t feel like traditional work, but it is.

3. E

diting pictures is not as fun as it sounds.

When I used to hear bloggers say that they were editing photographs, I used to think that I would love to learn how to edit! But countless hours of YouTube tutorials and blog posts later, I can still keep learning. You will never be happy with your pictures and will be constantly insecure about your feed.


I would have to be a digital marketing expert.

People are so talented and great content is created everywhere. What differentiates one creator from another is how well the content is marketed. The worst part of blogging from me is Search Engine Optimisation and Google Analytics (more on that in Part 4 of the guide).

And following on from that, I have listed the personality traits you must have or be willing to work on to be a successful blogger:


You must be highly self motivated.

You have no one to report to and no one will reprimand you for not doing anything, so it’s very easy to enjoy the free time and not do much. You should know what your end goal is and you should ensure you do everything you can everyday to reach that eventual goal.

2.You must be very organised and efficient.Writing up a blog post or taking pictures is 5% of the process; marketing this content requires constant reminders to post on social media, email your followers and optimise your posts and there are even resources like Victorious SEO which can totally help you with this. You will always have hundred’s of little tasks that you will forget unless you write them down. You should love creating lists, reminders and planners.
3.You must be a very fast learner. In one year, I have had to learn HTML basics, Lightroom editing, Final Cut Pro editing, the basics of social media marketing, the basics of data analysis, the basics of photography and many other things that I will cover in future guides.
4. You need to be a good writer. Spelling and grammar checks make it easier to write and edit quickly, however if your writing style and basic writing skills are not decent, then no one will read your work. Aside from that, agencies, fellow bloggers and companies will not want to collaborate with someone who can’t string together a post.
Now that I’ve scared most of you out of blogging, let me tell you that you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to but I don’t want you starting for the wrong reason and being disappointed.
The pros of blogging do outweigh the cons for me which is why I do it. I will cover the benefits, perks, incentives and rewards of blogging in an ebook that will cover extra blogging secrets that differentiate bloggers that ‘make it’ vs those who do not later this year. You can subscribe to my blog here or below to ensure you don’t miss out when it releases.
Please note that this guide is for people who want to blog full-time. If you want to blog for fun, then start now! It is a great stress-buster and will keep your creative mind active! For the aspiring professional bloggers, I will be doing a FREE 10 part weekly series with loads of detail and insider secrets (as well as contacts of some key PR agencies and Social Media Groups), so stay tuned and subscribe.
Thank you so much for reading!
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