The Blogging Series: Part 4- Content Creation (Getting Creative)

In the Part 3: Content Creation, I covered the technical aspects of content creation like photography and writing. In this part, I will explore the creative side of content creation. To stand apart and out, your content must be unique and useful. You need to give readers a reason to follow your content over any other blogger (which there are many of). It is easier to get away with sub-standard content if you are one of the pioneers of a certain craft but now that the market is saturated with bloggers, you have to get creative.

Written content is great for posts like this one, where you need to go in-depth about a certain topic but if you are following my blog, chances are that you are looking at targeting a younger audience and thus would probably want to explore visual content more. The younger audience, specifically the millenials, are looking for fast information. They are multi-tasking and ‘hustling’ more than any other generation. Visuals are the best way to provide fat information. Below are some ways you can get creative with you visual content:
Flatlays- this type of photograph is an aeriel view of whatever you want to display. Whether you line up ingredients to a recipe, an outfit or makeup used for a beauty look, this one picture can sum-up an entire post. Who has the time to read through an entire recipe when you can see all the ingredients required in one picture.
Ootd- outfit of the day shots display style inspiration in one picture. Magazine articles about style trends and latest looks are becoming redundant as ootd shots give us instant style know-how.
Flixel- to get creative technically, new technology and mediums can be explored. Flixels are moving photographs, which can be created through an app on your phone. Along with photographs and videos, these provide a third visual content form.
Drones- although they are quite new, drones are now relatively cheap and easy to get a hold of. Drones provide a unique perspective and yet another creative way to express yourself.
This list is not exhaustive and is just meant to get your mind thinking out of the box. When creating content, always think about how you can take it to the next level.
Thank you so much for reading!
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