The Blogging Series: Part 6- Networking

Last week, I spoke about growing your followers and one of the points was to do shoutouts with other bloggers and brands. Unfortunately no one will be willing to do something like this unless you have built a relationship with them. I am quite an introvert and this is probably my least favourite of blogging but definitely the most rewarding.

When you have created a platform and have a decent following, you will probably be invited to various events and launches. I would recommend that you go to all events, regardless of their size. You never know whom you’ll meet and what opportunities you will come across. Each event is put together by a PR company, which will probably do many more events in the future. If they have seen and interacted with you at an event its quite likely they will invite you again.
You are likely to meet other bloggers and people from your industry with a wealth of knowledge. I have learnt a great deal from fellow bloggers; from how to create media kits to PR companies to contact, to how much to charge for my work. They are on the same path as you and have probably seen similar struggles.
I have realised that when it comes to networking, no one is too small or big. Opportunities come out of nowhere, keep asking.
This is a short blog post as it leads to a much bigger topic; monetising your blog. In the next 3 weeks, I will cover all the ways you can make money from your blog and where to start. In the meanwhile, keep creating and promoting amazing content that will make you stand apart.

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