The Blogging Series: Part 7- How to Make Money

Now through great content, growth strategies and networking, you have a decent number of engaged followers so how do you turn this passion project into something that can make you a living? That is what I am going to cover today.

The bloggers that got in early and were the pioneers of the blogging space were lucky enough to grow with the social media wave, and monetising opportunities came to them. Now however, there is such a huge supply of bloggers that we need to reach out to companies and brands that we want to work with, hoping they would respond.
To start your out reach, email Public Relations (PR) agencies; these are companies that work with various clients (brands) to help them with marketing and promotion. Influencer marketing is a key marketing strategy today and if you reach out to a PR company with your media kit and a nice email stating what you’re about, they may keep you on file and reach out to you in the future when collaborations do arise. Do a simple Google search for PR agencies in your area eg- ‘Fashion PR agencies in Bangalore’ and you will get a long list; just email them all with your media kit (more about the media kit in the next post).
Along with agencies, reach out to fellow bloggers, photographers and brands directly. You never know where you will find someone in need for your services.
Below is a typical list of ways a blogger may earn.
Sponsorships: a brand may approach you to post/review their product. Initially, you may find that you say yes to all brands regardless of whether you like their product or not. Although this is your choice, trust me you will regret it later. I will never say yes to a product that I wouldn’t otherwise use. Nor would I say yes to post a picture on Instagram that doesn’t suit my feed. If you say yes always, your blog wont reflect you and you will not get approached for stuff in the future.Affiliates: a brand may offer you a commission for every sale that you have referred. This is only a good opportunity if you have a huge number of followers.Giveaways: you may collaborate with a brand to conduct a giveaway. You instruct your followers to like your social media handles as well as the companies to give them a chance to win a product sponsored by the company. Giveaways generate a large number of followers and interest so you can charge more for a giveaway than a general post.
These are just some one the basic ways you can make a quick buck. In the next few posts I will cover the more elaborate ways of making your blog a viable venture.
Thank you so much for reading!

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