The Blogging Series: Part 8- The Bloggers’ Media Kit [Download]

Media cards are the most important aspect of making money from your blog. They can really differentiate you from the thousands of bloggers out there vying for the same jobs. Models have portfolios, bankers and corporate employees have resumes and bloggers have media cards/kits.

Because blogging is a relatively new career, it’s difficult to know how to start making money and what things like media cards are. Media cards basically summarize your blog and what you represent. They include your details, your statistics and your previous work. I have attached a copy of my previous media kit so you can get an idea of how it is created. You can also Google ‘how to create a media kit’ for various ideas.
Because your media kit is the first thing Public Relations companies, business’ and clients see, there must be a lot of thought behind it. I suggest using design software like Canva to create it so it looks professional. Add your best pictures to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.
Media kits should be attached to every email that you send out pitching your blog. Write up a convincing email detailing who you are and what you want from the brand. Customise this email for every company and brand you write to so they know you are genuine.
Ensure that you update your media kit at least every month, as your followers, work and pictures improve. If you feel like you have a decent following and brands are not approaching you for work, your media kit will be your weapon. Email brands that you want to work with and PR companies, with your media kit attached. And you will notice a constant increase in emails calling you to events and brands wanting to collaborate. This is how I started out.
I hope this was helpful as it was one of the big things I struggled with, until a fellow blogger shared her knowledge about media kits. This is my way of passing that same knowledge on.
[Download] a sample of one of my older media kits here:
I have linked the previous 7 parts of this guide below and the last two parts will include Creating a Brand and Evolving!
The Blogging Series so far:
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