Blogging: Finding Shoot Locations- The Panoramic Getaway Munnar

Blogging, and in particular fashion blogging, is all about the visuals. Today we want information fast and there is no faster way to convey something than a picture.

As a blogger, an ordeal I face every week is finding an interesting, clean and gorgeous location to shoot. Finding a plain wall is easy but can become boring and the picture loses context. Fortunately, last weekend I was (work)vacationing in Munnar, Kerala in India. The untouched city itself provides a perfect backdrop in itself, but I also discovered the most stunning resort; The Panoramic Getaway.
The way the hotel is built amidst nature enhances the natural beauty of Munnar rather than taking away from it. This breathtaking pools (yes they have two) were completely heated so I got to enjoy a relaxing swimming session right after this shoot.

We had this view of mountains and trees for miles around the hotel. In hindsight, I wish I had planned many more outfits to shoot there as every visual was aesthetically stunning.

When finding a backdrop for a fashion picture, it is also important to ensure that it compliments the clothing. The clear blue skies and pristine heated pools at The Panoramic Getaway were a perfect marriage for my basic outfits.

Finding interesting props, like chairs or couches can add a very different element to photographs. I found this pool chair perfect to showcase a very conflicting outfit. Usually you would expect a beach outfit displayed on such a chair rather than denims and boots.

The hotel had amazing walls and features which we used to add different elements to our photos.

Interesting elements like this checkered partition can also peak a viewers interest. I was trying to highlight the sunglasses in this image by using a contrasting background to my skin colour.

This bridge led to a restaurant called ‘Underground’ (which was divine by the way), but also gave us an interesting picture.
I found this resort by accident but were so impressed by its perfect balance of luxury and nature. I spent a lot of time working on my laptop (with the fastest WiFi speeds I have encountered in India), while sitting in the balcony with amazing views. The resort is completely isolated so there was no noise; the peacefulness allowed me to really focus on creating some amazing content.
I had hundreds of queries about The Panoramic Getaway on Snapchat and Insta Stories so I have added the tripadvisor review I did here. If you do decided to visit, do mention that you read about it on the Gourmet Runway 🙂
Thank you so much for reading!

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