The Blogging Series: Part 9- Creating a Brand

In Part 1: Branding, we touched upon ways of branding your blog in terms of naming, the core values and the theme. In this part, we will explore how to leverage those elements to create a brand for yourself and subsequently capitalise on it.

Once you have established your blog and a substantial following, you will realise that your core values and what you stand for really come together. I’m sure when you browse through Instagram, you can guess which blogger a picture belongs to before even seeing the name. This is because they have a clear branding. When I see cool white fashion pictures, I know they are Wendy’s Lookbook, when I see modern neutrals and contemporary interior design, I know its Aimee Song. This is what you should aim to create for your blog. In India, Thestyledge by Santoshi Shetty has succeeded in creating a very vintage vibe around her brand.
Once people begin to identify your blog with a particular niche or theme, it will be much easier to make money from it. If a blog become the go-to for casual outfit inspiration, they can set up a casual clothing line or collaborate with casual clothing brands. They can even write ebooks related to dressing casually or setting up a casual clothing blog. Readers of the blog will trust these products as they have seen these exact concepts on action.
One of my favourite blogger’s, Negin Mirsalehi, has beautiful fashion and lifestyle pictures but what stands out most is her gorgeous luscious hair. As a result, she has developed a range of hair products using honey (which she uses). People trust that this will give them results as she uses it and has stunning hair.
These are just a few examples but the list goes on. It just goes to show how important it is to really focus on who you are and what you display.
Thank you so much for reading!

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