The Blogging Series: Part 10- Evolve Your Blog With Technology

Blogging is a relatively new means of displaying your content. Before this, we used to go to books, magazines, newspapers and websites for our content. Before we know it, blogs will be a thing of the past (which they are already becoming) so we have to ensure that our content, medium of delivery and technology evolves with time.

When blogs first came about, bloggers got away with providing sub standard content as no other content on their topics existed and they had nothing to be compared with. Now, with millions of blogs with have evolved over time, there is a lot more competition. We have to evolve with that and ensure our content is unique. For example, there are millions of makeup tutorials on YouTube but beauty bloggers need to keep up with the latest trends to display relevant unique content. If they use products that are not available in the market anymore, there’s no point!
Platforms to display our content keep evolving. Initially, Tumblr and Bloggr were the go to platforms to create a blog. But ask the younger millenials and most would have no idea what these platforms are. Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube seem to be at the forefront today, with WordPress as the forerunner for blog websites. Tomorrow, another platform will appear and as bloggers, it is important to get on those bandwagons fast. People will drop any platform in favour for a ‘cooler’ one and you don’t want your business to suffer.
As an example, a new platform called ‘Roposo’ launched in India a couple of years ago, which is basically Instagram for fashion. I joined quite early, and today I have a verified account and my largest following on Roposo.
Content is also moving towards video rather than pictures. As technologies in data size suppression and easy shooting advance, it is becoming easier to create videos. It is so much easier to convey your content through videos.
I’m sure most of us have heard of Virtual Reality and Drones but how many of us have actually adopted the technology? These are the latest in visual technology but most of us will get onto it when it becomes very commercial. This is where the early adopters get a real advantage. There is a channel on Youtube, Pia and Kane, which I follow solely because they use drone technology in most of their videos and its so mesmerising.
So basically, know how your industry is evolving and stay abreast the latest trends and technologies to ensure you stay in the game! Focus on great content that can be moulded to any platform.
This concludes the 10 part Blogging Series! I have attached links to each part below, in case you missed any. Remember if you have any blogging questions, do comment below and I’ll get back to you!
The Complete Blogging Series:
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