Self Portrait: 2018 Ready to Wear Spring (NYFW)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a collection review, however Han Chong’s pretty pieces inspired me to revisit fashion writing. For those of you who are reading this clueless about what Self-Portrait is, I can assure you have seen these creations on social media or on your favourite blogs. And if not, I’m sure you’ve seen Zara’s and Chicwish’s Self Portrait inspired pieces.
When I think of Self Portrait, I think lace, ruffles, feminine with a subtle secret hint of edge. The 2018 showcased an abundance of those elements, however this collection won’t be one of his best. I say that with hesitation as the collection is gorgeous, however when you’re competing with industry- changing designs of your own, it must be a constant challenge to trump them.
Self Portrait has always designed pieces that are ready to wear straight of the runway which make them much more relatable to me. Like every collection, Han Chong’s awareness of a woman’s body, allows him to create bustiers, cinched waists and necklines that accentuate every woman’s best assets. The use of ruffles to balance tight-fitted skirts and stripes to elongate is synonymous with Self Portrait.
His collection tells a story which depicts a strong, independent woman who celebrates her womanhood. Every season, I am interested to see how Self Portrait can do shoulders, ruffles and lace in a new way and they never cease to impress.
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