Paris: An Design Dream

There is something about Paris that can leave you completely enamoured, especially if you’re as obsessed with fashion as I. I wasn’t supposed to come to Paris, however a cheaper flight which landed only in Paris (rather than Milan) bestowed upon me three magical days in the City of Love.

I didn’t have much time so I decided to book accommodation right in the heart of the city, near Champs Elysees. My boutique hotel was called Helzear Champs Elysees Suites and although the service was absolutely impeccable, I did see a rat in my gorgeous double storey room (check out Part 1 of my Paris vlog for a tour) but apparently this is normal in Paris. I also experienced no hot water for two days which was not fun as Paris did start getting chilly. Having said that, the hotel was adorable and having great service always helps.
The jet lag really worked in my favour as I was up at 6am and got to make the most of my day. I braved a 40 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower in the chill but only after a flaky croissant and hot tea (the aroma of the coffee did make me wonder why I don’t like it). I reached the tower as the sun was rising which heightened the magic. All photo credits to myself, my tripod and the Canon Connect app on my iPhone.
On my way back, I ran into H&M, Zara and Topshop and my logical plan to leave the shopping to the end went out the window. High street shopping is so much better in Europe, in terms of the variety, styles and prices! It’s unfair that Australia has older season styles at astounding prices. This was justification enough for me to go a little crazy (click her to watch my vlog to see what I bought).
I had to make a pit stop at the hotel to dump all my purchases, change my outfit and have lunch (below).

I then ventured to the Pont Alexander III bridge which is one of the most photogenic bridges in the world (according to me). Do not miss this if you’re ever in Paris. The intricacy of the design is spectacular.
I realised while going through my pictures that I didn’t photograph even 10% of the delicious food I ate! I probably devoured it before I remembered! Everything I had was absolutely delicious and I know it sounds clichéd but the bread and desserts were mouth-watering. Thank god I was walking 8 hours a day to burn off the excessive carb consumption.
On day 2, I made my way to the Louvre and I couldn’t get enough of the architecture of the pyramid as well as the buildings and arc that surrounded it. I set up my tripod again and went beserk. I didn’t venture inside the Louvre as I don’t have a huge understanding of art and didn’t want to stand in front of paintings pretending to ‘get them’.
After this, I managed to slip in an outfit change and ventured to Notre Dam. I was a bit disappointed at Notre Dam as I had grown up hearing about how breathtaking it was.
After the intellectual aspect of my brain was completely satisfied, I decided to give the superficial aspect a bit of a workout at the Galleries Lafayette (extremely fancy department store). I bought not one, but 2 pairs of sunglasses, a Prada and a Celine (because who can say no to buy 1 get on 25% off ><), some clothes and a heap of cookies and Madelines to gift. I’m even shamelessly wore my new sunnies and clothes in the above pictures.
I was constantly amazed at how put together everyone was; Paris is truly a street style wonderland. I hope to be back one day for Paris Fashion Week or some fashion event but until then, Au Revoir Paris.
Thank you so much for reading!
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