Bangkok: 10 Things You Must Eat

The first thing I did before travelling to Bangkok was search ‘What to eat in Bangkok’ on Google, #bangkokfood on Instagram and ‘Food in Bangkok’ on Youtube. In fact, it has almost become a ritual before travelling. However, this time around my research didn’t quite do the food justice. Bangkok has definitely moved up near the top of my ‘Favourite Food Cities’ list and these 10 dishes were the main reasons why:
Note: I have been vegan for 2 months and was very appreciative of how open Thailand is to veganism. So if you are vegetarian or vegan, you will be delighted by the food options. Here I have added vegan and non-vegan dishes as I was a little lenient during my holiday. Also, I realised that my list weighs heavily toward dessert options (not complaining).
1. Coconut Ice Cream- this dish is completely vegan and is made from tender coconut flesh and served in the shell itself with toppings of your choice. I loved how fresh and refreshing this was and wasn’t as heavy as traditional ice cream. I had mine at Chatuchak Market and really didn’t see this ice-cream much otherwise.
2. Pad Thai- for the ten days I was in Thailand, I literally has a Pad Thai a day. Whether its from the markets or a fancy restaurant, I realised that you can’t go wrong with a Pad Thai in Thailand. Most chefs are happy to make in vegan and it really doesn’t effect the taste factor much.
3. Mango Sticky Rice- this is a staple dessert in Bangkok. There is something so morish about the mango-sticky rice combination that keeps you going. I love that this dessert is a healthy alternative to traditional high fat- high sugar desserts.
4. Massaman Curry- this creamy cashew infused delight was a treat for my over-worked taste buds. The nutty texture and complex flavours were just perfect.
5. Fried Rice in a Pineapple- you usually get these at the food markets. I love the concept of reusing fruit shells and skins. You really do get the pineapple flavour through the fried rice.
6. Egg Tart- I think this dish is local to Hong Kong but I saw Egg Tarts everywhere in Bangkok so I just couldn’t resist. They were divine. In fact, bakery items such as danishes, cakes and muffins were all super delicious.
7. Pomegranate Juice- pomegranates are such a pain to peel so when I saw pomegranate juice being sold on the streets of Bangkok, I went crazy. It is so affordable and fresh.
8. Shawarma- this one may sound surprising but due to a high Arabic population in parts of Bangkok, the city is spotted with Shawarma joints. I had them a few times and was never disappointed.
9. Crepes- like most tourist destinations, Bangkok too has small crepe vendors around the city. These round crispy crepes are best when stuffed with condensed milk and banana!
10. Coconut Water- basically, forget normal water and just drink coconut water. Coming from Sydney (where fresh coconuts are rare), it is such a delight to have coconut water available on every street for such reasonable prices.

Thank you so much for reading!
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