5 Ways to Celebrate Being Single This Valentine’s Day

Fourteenth of February is a dreaded day for all the single people in the world. While couples shower each other with gifts and love, single people sit in the corner, hoping for this day to end and raging with envy.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we see change the way we view Valentine’s Day to a day to celebrate love and loved ones rather than the romantic kind, we would all be happy. Here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single person.
Spoil yourself- you are the person you should love most in the world so technically this shouldn’t be too difficult. Buy yourself an expensive gift, give yourself a pamper session, take a day off and Netflix or binge out on your favourite food.
Spoil a loved one- whether it be your parents, siblings or another single friend, it will make you feel very good to spoil someone else. After all, giving always make you more happy than getting.
Do some charity- spread the love beyond your life to someone who could do with a little extra. In fact, even if you aren’t single you should probably do this. Either donate some money or even do a bit of volunteer work.
Spend time on your passion- life can come in the way of living our dreams. Make Valentine’s Day an excuse to start brainstorming and thinking about your dreams and the difference you want to make in your lifetime.
Plant a tree- in our quest for material things and human evolvement, we often forget the core of our world, the environment. Give back to the planet you live on, by planting a tree or cleaning up you city. What greater gesture is there than providing all humans, clean air to breathe.
Now that you have a list of things to do, actually act upon them and spread some positivity rather than being a hater.

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