5 Statement Handbags Under Rs1000 That You Need Right in Your Life Now

A handbag can make or break you outfit and I often plan my entire outfit around my handbag (mostly Stella, my new Gucci Marmont, because she’s so beautiful). Handbags are the largest accessory you will wear so really do need to be thought about when putting together a look.
Contrary to popular believe, handbags don’t need to be expensive to make a statement. In fact, trendy handbags should almost never be bought expensive as they will most likely be out-of-fashion the season after. I have scoured the web and put together for you, 5 on-trend statement handbags, and the best part is, that they are all under Rs1000. Some of these styles are straight off the back of London Fashion Week. Click to take you straight to the shop!

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