Why Make Up is Nothing but a Waste of Time (& Money)

I say this after spending hours and thousands of dollars on makeup. I have come to the conclusion that life would be that much easier if makeup didn’t exist. On average, it takes 30 minutes to get a decent face of makeup; that’s 30 x 365 days x 50 years= 9125 hours in your life time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for even skin tone, perfectly contoured cheek bones, a sun kissed glow and fluttery eyelashes, but it is just such a chore. When I wake up in the morning, after 5 hours of sleep (mainly because I was Netflix bingeing the night before), the last thing I need is to focus on a perfect wing.
One random day, I decided that my life would progress just fine without a wing, so I stopped. And no one at work even realised! The next day, I stopped the eyeshadow, then the contour, the blush and the highlight. Such a small change has been so liberating. We get so caught up in what is considered correct in society that we forget to think for ourselves.
I still spend time doing my make up for special occasions but from Monday- Friday, my skin is freed and allowed to breathe. I have seen a dramatic improvement in the texture and skin tone. Make up clogs pores, which causes acne, which requires makeup, which causes more clogged pores.
The no makeup look is popular because no makeup is becoming fashionable. The reason beauty brands have created this ‘no makeup look’ is that if ‘no makeup’ became a thing, the beauty industry would no longer make the billions of dollars that they do.
So, in conclusion, when your alarm goes off on Monday, snooze it for 10 minutes and ditch the wing!

Thank you so much for reading!
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