Trend Feature: The Fur Jacket



I am trying to imagine the thought process of the first wearers of Fur. When I see a cat, I definitely do not think ‘I wish I could wear that’, but someone did and it didn’t end all too bad. With designers such a Gucci and high street brands pledging to go completely fur-free, I can actually write this feature knowing that I am not influencing animal cruelty. All fur jackets featured in this post is completely faux.

Faux fur made a huge debut in 2015 when organisations such as PETA educated people of the importance of a love for animals. The hype around fur thereafter died down a little. The trend has made a raring comeback at New York Fashion Week 2018 with the likes of DvF and Michael Kors and I’m sure you have encountered numerous faux fur jackets as you scroll through your Instagram feed. Check out my my favourites (including my favourite bloggers) below when it comes to styling.


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For those who know me, know that I despise winter with every bone in my body, however I am a little embarrassed to admit that combat boots (post coming soon) and fur coats have me a little excited for winter fashion. Paired with skinny jeans casually or on top of a flowing dress for a date; I can’t wait to give the fur coat a good styling.

Although summer is approaching in most countries, ensure you stock up on fur coats on sale as I can ensure this ultra glamorous trend, previously reserved for the elite, is not going anywhere for the next few winters. I have linked a few of my favourites; make sure to click on them to shop and have a browse through these very affordable options.

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