5 Ways to Prevent Aging and Wrinkles for Millennials [Dermatologist Recommended]

As I reach the end of my 20s and notice the fine crows feet around my eyes from smiling too much (not a bad thing offcourse) and the first of my greys popping through randomly, I found myself in a deep rabbit hole of research about anti aging skin care.

Many expensive treatments, creams and procedures claim to be able to treat skin damage and turn back the clock and although some work with minimal results, it’s quite clear that prevention is the better strategy.

During my time in the fashion industry on camera, I liaised with many beauty professionals and extracted as much useful information as I could and even quizzed dermatologists about their own skin care routines. If you hate wasting your life on time consuming facials and expensive beauty treatments, here are the only 5 things you ever need in your anti aging skin care routine to do to keep your skin looking young and fresh:

1.       Sunscreen

We’ve all been told by our mothers to apply sunscreen everyday however when you’re travelling to and from an office, it gets hard to motivate yourself to do so. The minimal sun exposure you have on the bus or in the car may seem completely harmless but when we think about it half an hour of exposure and day, is 2.5 hours a week, which is 95 hours a year. Over a lifetime this adds up and can really cause some serious damage.

I’m not too fond of the feeling of sunscreen under my make up so I just make sure that my foundation has an SPF and that way applying sunscreen doesn’t actually take up any more time than my usual routine.

Bonus tip- your hands really do age the fastest and show your age as they are always exposed. I heard that Khloe Kardashian keeps sunscreen in her car and slaps some on her hands before she starts driving. How simple and effective!

2.       Retinol

Everyone has heard of Retinol but very few know its actual function. Retinol is a highly concentrated form of Vitamin A which promotes cell turnover and hence renews your skin quicker than it usually would. As we grow older, cell turnover slows, causing lines and wrinkles. 

A renowned celebrity dermatologist in India told me that we should be applying a pea sized amount of retinol every night before bed starting in our 20s to prevent wrinkles. A lot of products in the market that claim to have retinol are unnecessarily overpriced. The dermatologist told me the best form of retinol was the purest form which you can get only with prescription called Retin A. Any dermatologist will prescribe this for anti ageing. 

I always admired women who had that natural highlighter look because of how squeaky clean their skin looked and now I have it.

3.       Glycolic Acid

I have battled with acne and random breakouts for years and accepted that they were just part of who I am and often blamed  PCOS. About 2 years ago, I accidentally discovered Glycolic Cleansers and Scrubs by Skinstitut while getting laser done. The laser ladies (for a lack of a better word) suggested exfoliating properly to avoid ingrown hairs. I started using the Glycolic products and my acne vanished, my skin started glowing and shining. I always admired women who had that natural highlighter look because of how squeaky clean their skin looked and now I have it.

I use the cleanser daily and the scrub weekly or to remove makeup. Which brings me to my next point.

4.       Remove all makeup- 

You already know this and I’m sure most of you already do this but it’s so ingrained in me that even after a long and tiring night out, I zombie into the bathroom and get it all off. You just can’t leave those chemicals on your skin for the entire night. Use make up wipes as a first step but always follow up with warm water and a good light scrub.

5.       Moisturize – 

We often forget how important this is to maintain skin elasticity and hydration as our skin ages. Think of a plump grape and the raisin it becomes when it loses all hydration. 

This is true even for oily skin as skin just produces more oil when it doesn’t get any hydration. For oily skin I recommend, Avene Cleanance Expert for a lightweight, non greasy formula. 

Moisturize every morning (after the sunscreen) and every night before bed (and after your retinol).

Know that any other product you use it not required in your anti aging skin care routine and more of a short term benefits like gimmicky face masks for Korea or Thailand. I even tried the Estee Lauder night serum (which was super expensive so I was expecting miracles) and I noticed zero change in the way my skin looked. I just felt posh dabbing it on every night.

Note: No product mentioned is sponsored. These are the only products that I use and have been recommended by Dermatologists.


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