Castlery: Making my Interior Dreams Come True


Getting the interiors of my apartment perfect was so important to me as its a space I spend so much time in and my surrounds really impact my mood. Aesthetics have always been a part of my identity so I really couldn’t compromise.

I started my search online (as with everything else in my life) and I was a bit frustrated to find that all the trendy furniture was either super expensive or had issues with delivery and quality.

The most important piece of furniture in your living room is the sofa- it takes up the most space and you spend hours on it bingeing Netflix! I was looking for a very specific sofa- a light grey fabric couch, with brass legs and an ottoman. I scoured all the popular furniture stores and finally found my dream sofa at Castlery. I wish I had come across Castlery earlier which is why I’m sharing it with you now.

Castlery solves the problem of good quality and trendy furniture being too expensive. Had I found it earlier, I probably would’ve used it for all my other interior needs as well. They use a superior delivery service with continuous communication and very friendly delivery people. Castlery also has an online chat function so you can get an answer to any concerns immediately. The end-to-end experience was amazing.


The Adams sofa I got is so comfortable and comes in any configuration you can think of. I needed a 2 seater with a flexible ottoman (in case I moved and the chaise didn’t work in a new apartment), however you could have it customised in 100s of ways with multiple colours (mine is dove grey).


This has been the easiest furniture buying experience I have had and am looking forward to buying a lot more in the future.


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